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Located just north of “Beantown,” Boston Iron Works has been a leading supplier of iron work design and fabrication since 1924...
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BOSTON IRONWORKS is a recognized leader in the design and fabrication of iron works. For almost 100 years we have provided a wide range of quality services to business and residential customers in Boston and New England. In that time they have built a reputation for excellence in service, quality, and safety.
The company has grown with the city, and as the iron works needs of Boston and New England have changed and expanded, so have the service offerings of Boston Iron Works. In addition to the custom Fabrication & general welding, we offer Fire escape repair, Fire escape certification, Fire escape inspections, Handicap railing, Ornamental iron works, Ornamental fence, Staircases, Iron gates, spiral staircase, Wrought iron railing, Fire scape Boston, Commercial welding, Iron gates, Custom made railings, Balconies, Iron fences, these and other service offerings meet or exceed OSHA health and safety regulations.
Contact Boston Iron Works today for a free consultation and additional information on how we can meet your iron works needs.