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Certification of Fire Escapes in Boston

Maintaining a fire escape should be of prime importance for any building or apartment complex. If fire escapes in Boston are maintained on a regular basis, ‘if’ being the operative word, then they should last as long as the building. In the unlikely event of a fire, and people living in the apartment complex needing to use it in an emergency, it would become more of a safety hazard than an escape route, if it isn’t maintained well.

Also the building /complex owners would be liable to pay penalties for violating the Building Code regarding the upkeep of the fire escapes. Boston Ironworks provides you with maintenance of fire escapes as well as certification.

Create Stunning Spaces with Ironwork & Metalwork Features

Not all metal works need fire to melt and work it, the earliest dated evidence of metalworking in America was in Wisconsin where copper was hammered until fragile and then heated so it could be worked on some more. This information is dated about 4000-5000BC. Today, welding is used to create exquisite pieces of metal art that is decorative and functional too.

How a Driveway Gate Adds Value to Your Property

The first thing that catches the eye of any visitor to your home is your driveway gate.  In many ways, it gives them inkling about your style preference and is a peek into what kind of property they are entering.  The design of the gate can range from flamboyant to minimalistic. Nevertheless, if it’s designed in a detailed manner, it can make a lasting impression.

Iron fencing Adds Aesthetic Appeal to Your Property

Iron Fencing looks very elegant and decorative. Many people like to get metal and wrought iron fences installed on their property. The latter is heated iron that is shaped   into very beautiful shapes and designs such as curves, spires railings and posts. It’s important to keep in mind, that any iron fence is much more than just a security feature; it adds a lot of aesthetic appeal to your property too.

Driveway Gates

The Driveway Gates of your property are one of the first things that any visitor to your home notices.  It is a reflection of your style and good taste. There was a time when only larger properties had these types of gates, but now even modestly-sized properties have these installations. In addition to the aesthetic appeal that it lends to the property, gates also add to the security. 

The Charm and Beauty of a Spiral Staircase

Today, a number of homeowners who have multi-storey homes opt to get a Spiral Staircase installation. This is the perfect alternative to standard straight-styled or winding stairs.  Though traditional designs and styles also offer a number of benefits, there are various reasons why people prefer using spiral staircases in their homes or commercial properties. Lets a take a look at what some of these are: