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The Importance of Structural Steel in Constructing Buildings

on February 21, 2020
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There are several advantages of incorporating structural steel in constructing buildings. It's used in numerous industries, including manufacturing, packaging, shipbuilding, oil and gas, automotive, transport, and mining, making it an incredibly valuable resource for the construction industry.

The Great Advantages of Working with Steel

on February 19, 2020
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The inclusion of structural steel in the framing system of buildings has several advantages. Although most materials are compared and measured against structural steel, many builders in Boston still opt for structural steel. We at Boston Ironworks handle a large number of steel fabrication jobs. Here are a few benefits of working with steel:

Benefits of Custom Structural Steel

on January 20, 2020
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Assembly line products or anything mass-produced is very standard and has a sameness to it. Structural steel assembly lines are very efficient and helpful in manufacturing products of particular specifications.

How to Repair an Ornamental Iron Gate?

on October 18, 2019
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Wrought iron is elegant and sophisticated, which is why it has been used on properties for hundreds of years now. It’s resilient, can withstand outdoor elements easily, and adds to the beauty of any home.

Better Safe than Sorry: Fire Safety Tips

on October 15, 2019
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Fire-related accidents and disasters can happen to anyone and they tend to occur when you least expect them to. It’s vital to be prepared and know how to respond to such disasters.

Giving Proper Maintenance to Fabricated Gates & Doors

on August 22, 2019
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Metal doors can be very appealing and very secure. They fit right in with a modern home and look great. Metal doors are also very low maintenance, especially in comparison to wood. However, they do need some care and maintenance to ensure that they keep looking great and remain strong.

At Boston Ironworks, we always suggest that you take proper care of fabricated gates and doors. We provide all of our clients a guide on how to carry our essential maintenance. Here are some tips:

Step By Step: Bathroom Handicap Railings Installation

on August 18, 2019
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Bathrooms can very tricky places to navigate for people with limited mobility. Ordinary bathrooms simply aren’t safe to use, for elderly and handicapped people; so if you have them in your home, you need to add a handicap bathroom to the house.

One of the most important aspects of such bathrooms is handicap railings. They offer essential support and help people avoid slips and accidents. At Boston Ironworks, we consider handicap railings installation a very easy DIY project that almost everyone can handle. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process.

Tips for Designing Strong and Durable Staircases Solutions

on August 15, 2019
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Staircases are some of the most essential aspects of your home. They connect the lower floors with the upper floors of your home. Designers often ignore these installations, believing that their efforts would be better served elsewhere.

At Boston Ironworks, we believe that staircases can add an interesting design element to your home if you handle it with care. You can hire a professional to handle your stairs solutions or simply plan a design yourself. Here are some tips on how to design excellent staircases for your home.

Tips For a Successful Fire Inspection in Boston

on July 22, 2019
in Blog

Fire inspections are conducted annually to ensure commercial buildings are safe to use and provide adequate protection and means to escape in the event of a fire. As the owner of the property, it’s your responsibility to ensure your building has proper fire safety measures. At Boston Ironworks, we’ve put together a little checklist that would help you handle Boston fire inspection and ensure your property passes it. 

What to Use? Materials Involved in Metal Fabrication

on July 18, 2019
in Blog

Different kinds of metals and materials are used to create different kinds of installations and parts. Each metal has a unique response to heat and has to be molded in a special way. Some metals will be great for fences, doors, railings, etc, while others wouldn’t be. Fabrication services in Boston know which metal to use for what purpose.

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