Fire Escape Planning: Tips and Recommendations

Most people live their entire lives without facing any fire threat, which is why many take fire safety for granted. Unfortunately, a fire can break out without warning at any time so it’s always a good idea to be prepared and know what you need to do in the event of a disaster. At Boston Ironworks, we have built and maintained fire escapes in Massachusetts and are familiar with the safety requirements involved. Here are some tips and recommendations regarding what you should do in the event of a fire disaster:

1. Always be prepared and practice

Even if you think you’ll never face a fire disaster in your life, develop a fire escape plan and practice drills regularly. Make sure you’re aware of all the entryways and exits to your property discuss all clear escape routes with your family, employees, and other people living in the same property. This ensures people know what they have to do during a fire emergency and are less likely to be confused.

2. Make sure you have fire escapes

Many multi-storied buildings have fire escapes so if you’re trapped in the upper floors, you can utilize the fire escape to get to safety. It’s a good idea to hire professional fire escape engineers and services to ensure the structure is in a good condition. A poorly-maintained fire escape can place your life at risk so it’s important to ensure it is strong and can bear load well.

3. Focus on escaping first

Don’t linger inside the property to grab things and don’t go back in the property once you get out until it is cleared by the fire department. Make sure you have a designated meeting point outside the property and call the fire department as soon as you are a safe distance away from the fire. If you find that some of your friends and family are missing, don’t attempt to do inside the property to rescue them as you might do more harm than good.

Let the police and emergency services know about the name and general description of the missing person and they will handle the rest. It’s also important to ensure the house or building number is clear and visible from a distance as this ensures the emergency services can find you easily.



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