Types of modern stairs solutions for your home

Stairs are some of the most important aspects of multistoried properties. Without them, it’s impossible to access different floors unless there’s an elevator present. These installations come in different shapes and designs, easily customized to fit all kinds of architecture. At Boston Ironworks, we have provided unique stairs solutions for several years now. Our team is familiar with different kinds of modern staircase designs and some of them are mentioned below: 

Straight staircase

This is the most common design; it’s the easiest to build and suitable for all kinds of architecture. This structure is functional, compact, but not eye-catching. It won’t add much to your property It doesn’t take away from the design of your property, but doesn’t take away from the design and architecture, which is why many people prefer it to other stairs solutions.

Quarter landing

This is similar to a straight staircase but has a quarter landing, which adds an interesting design element. There are fewer treads to fall from, so it is safer than straight installations, but takes up more space.

Circular Stairs

Circular stairs can often be mistaken for spiral structures but they’re different. This option is wider, takes up more space, and has a shallower incline. The circular design is very elegant, adding architectural interest to any space.

Spiral Stairs

This design is perfect for people with limited space. Spirals have a tighter curvature, so they’re very compact. They take up less floor space and add an interesting architectural element to a property. Spiral structures are more common in urban areas in smaller properties or apartments.

Curved Stairs

These structures curve gently as they climb, curving along the sides without being circular or spiral. This installation requires more space; its what they are found in large buildings like schools, government offices, theatres, etc. Curved staircases look grand and will immediately catch a visitor’s eye.

Winder stairs

These are angular, turning sharply at 90° angles at different levels. There’s no landing at the turns so they’re not recommended for properties that need handicap support. Winder stairs are a little more difficult to scale, but they do add an interesting design element. There are two types of this design, single winder, and double winder. Consult an experienced designer before deciding which one is more suitable.

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