Handicap Ramps

With almost 100 years of being in this business,

we are one of the leading companies in the industry, and residential and commercial customers come to us with their requirements for handicap ramps. The custom-designed ramps we manufacture are made of high grade aluminum, structured perfectly and are very strong and stable.

The Features

Regardless of how complex or simple the design is, we can design and install the handicap ramps you need on your residential or commercial property.handicap-bostonironworks

  • Our line-up of modular and portable wheel chair  ramps are the perfect accessibility solutions or more expansive spaces as well as tighter  ones
  • We know that every solution doesn’t  really come in a box and whether a threshold or  flight of stair is the obstacle, we  can provide the solutions you need
  • The focus is  on high-functionality, safety and  innovation and  every ramp design is excellent in every way
  • The other aspects we always take into account are that our products are maintenance-free and cost-effective
  • We also provide ongoing maintenance for the ramps which ensures the ramps give trouble-free service for years to come
  • All our products are 100% manufactured in the U.S with the 2- handrail design that is in-line with ADA requirements for safety and easy accessibility
  • Staircase and threshold wheelchair  ramps
  • Portable wheelchair ramps
  • Modular wheelchair ramps

Types of Ramps

Though we have standard designs and styling, customization is possible where required. For example, if there is a very tight space, we can design a special platform size that will fit there. In some cases, our commercial customers want ramps that are wider than the standard ones available and we can accommodate those requests too. We manufacture different types of handicap ramps such as:

High-Function Handicap Ramps

If you are not too sure about which solution matches your requirement, all you have to do is call us; our expert ramp designers and installers will come over to your location, survey and evaluate the available space, and design ramps that fit in perfectly with your function needs.

The landings, leveling systems, self-contained supports and clamps and bolts will be of the highest grade to provide added support to our strong ramps. For all types of fixed and portable handicap ramps for residential and commercial applications, call Boston Ironworks on 617 657 3117. You can also call us via this online form.