Services Overview

Spiral Staircases

Metal spiral staircases can be highly functional and aesthetic features on residential and commercial spaces. 

Metal Railings

Custom metal railings are a very significant part of Boston Ironwork’s business. We have the ability to expertly manufacture these railings for commercial

Handicap Ramps

If you are looking for innovatively-designed handicap ramps, Boston Ironworks is the company to come to.

Driveway Gates

Regardless of how small or big your property is, installing fencing and a driveway gate is the best way of adding security to it.


Boston Iron Works offers rail and handrail solutions for all your home and business needs. Each project is crafted according to your exact specifications...

Fire Escapes

Boston Iron Works offers a range of fire escape solutions. We perform repair and replacement, as well as certification, inspection, and maintenance services.


Boston Iron Works manufactures gates to your specifications. Our team of professionals is uniquely qualified to design, fabricate, and install the simplest...


Boston Iron Works create distinct and unique borders for your home, business, or recreational property. Our catalog highlights the various styles, materials...


Boston Iron Works has a long history of manufacturing and installing straight stair and spiral staircases for homeowners, contractors, and architects in...

Balconies & Decks

Boston Iron Works designs and constructs various types of balconies and decks for residential and commercial applications. Our...